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Music for a Writers Soul

Posted on the 25 September 2015 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Music. Music is perhaps the very thing that keeps my soul alive and pumping. It's also what keeps my juices flowing when I'm writing, allowing me to write a number of different emotions and feelings. It's something I find almost essential to do when I'm creating new ideas. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite bands/ songs to listen to when I'm writing. They might even inspire you to write more!
There are so many songs by the 'Eels' which encapsulate a lot  of different moods. My favourites have to be 'Fresh Blood, 'Susan's House' and 'It's a Motherfucker'. Every song E sings is widely varied, and challenges different moods. They are iconic, moving, heroes. I simply can just get into the heart of a character by listening to the 'Eels'

'Fat Freddy Drop' 
This is a relatively new one for me, with hints of reggae 'Fat Freddy Drop'  is the ultimate chill music. If you want to just slip away into a world you've created, this is it. It totally relaxes me, makes me feel calm, and could honestly send me to sleep. I've only listened to  the album- 'Based on a True Story' so I'm excited to see what else they hold. It's wonderfully crafted music at best.
'Death Cab for Cutie'
If I'm ever writing a sad piece, I'll turn to 'Death Cab for Cutie'  all their songs are so emotive and poignant, they leave a sheet of sadness on you for a long time after you've stopped listening. Ben Gibbard's voice is bewitching, hazy, moving. It's everything to listen to 'Death Cab'  on a slow drive home, and picture writing sad tales late at night. Play 'Passenger Seat' for the first time and you'll know instantly what I mean.
'Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' 
Nick Cave was definitely born in the wrong era, his voice reminds me of an old musky bar late at night. I must seem crazy for saying that! He has this incredible voice that just stirs up so many feelings. My favorite song is 'The Train Song' which has such a melodic beat and is full of anguish. I just can't get over how incredible his voice is!
So just thought I'd share four with you today, although I will probably remember loads later on!
Gracie xxx

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