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My Daddy! My Lifeline!

Posted on the 15 June 2014 by Harithapk @Hpk_thotzzz
Somewhere cries of a baby filled up the silent night. All attempts from rocking the cradle to the wonderful toys turned futile. Finally she hushed up when he came by.
In another place was a toddler, who cried for no reason,Then she was flung in the air but she sensed no treason.Laughter filled the air when she realized she had got all his attention.
In other corner was a kid, who had just begun to walk, She wept and wept after having a fall.Soon, her tears vanished when he picked her up and began to talk.
In other part of the world was a kid, who fetched grades very bad,With a tearful eye she returned home only to find her Dad.He told he didn't care, coz he still had faith in her and that made her glad.
My Daddy! My lifeline!
In every corner of the world you will find him,Him, whose dreams are seldom spoken for his words are few.But most of all, his worries go unnoticed too.
For he, never looks for praises or boasts, but goes on working hard for whom he loves the most!He helps you with your math lessons and he teaches you how to drive,A hand you can definitely hold onto in happiness and strife!
Thank you Daddy for loving us,For unconditionally believing in us,For all those times that in us you trust,For all those moments of difficulty when you never created a fuss.
For allowing us to choose who we wanted to be,For letting us create our own identity.Thank you Daddy for not thrusting us with excess stress,By telling what’s that the outside world expected us to be.
Thank you for listening and being our friendAnd always extending a helping hand.
Thank you for all that you have always done,Thank you for all that you will continue to do
My Daddy! My lifeline!
But most importantly thank you for just being YOU!!
Love you Daddy& wish you a very happy Father's day!Haritha

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