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My Experiment- Lok Sabha 2014

Posted on the 09 April 2014 by Sajan

I am a registered Indian voter from the Chennai South Parliamentary constituency and I want to make it clear that I will be voting in the upcoming elections. I am still very much an undecided voter though. Hold on- before you Political parties start wondering whether you should send me an online copy of your Manifesto or a couple of bottles of alcohol, let me make it easier for you and tell you that for a change, I have come up with my own Wishlist. A Wishlist that I expect my future representative Member of Parliament to strive to work for in the coming five years of his or her tenure. So without further adieu, I present to you my Wishlist for India in the 2014 elections:



My Conditions

As one can clearly see, I have outlined what I believe is needed for India as well as what I want my candidate to do with my list in order for me to vote for them. Obviously, I have no time or patience for promises. The art of ‘God Promise’ and ‘Mother Promise’ belong to the corridors of Kindergarten and not in the parliament. I want my MP to show me a visionary plan and operational prowess because sadly even today, India’s politicians harp on archaic non issues to garner votes while comfortably bypassing vital issues. A simple example is this:

A few days back, a popular political leader interacted with Auto Rickshaw drivers in a city. While the auto drivers poured their heart out with all the problems they face in their profession including police harassment, flawed permits, increasing fuel pricing, traffic etc, the leader startlingly did not come there with any sort of plan to produce a concrete solution road map for them. Instead, the leader parted company with the hapless auto drivers by stating, “I was thinking of working as a rickshaw puller for a day to understand your problems but it would not be enough to feel your pain”. This pretty much explains the state of affairs today- Political posturing and sentimental oratory have ruled the roost ever since Independence to garner votes and win elections. I’d rather have seen that leader draw up a plan over the last five years and taken it to the auto drivers to leave it to their judgment. If they like your specific vision, they’d vote for you. If not, try a better plan next time. That is the politics I want to see- Our leaders giving us solutions and encouraging us to be part of the solution. I don’t want my politicians to simply talk about systems and solutions while carrying on with ‘business’ as usual.

I am sure that some of you might wonder why the obvious ‘problems’ that India faces like Corruption, poverty, illiteracy do not figure in my list.  I simply wish to say this- Corruption and its cousins are nothing but effects. They are the by products of the real problems that India faces like Education reform, Judicial reform, Police reform and Election reform. Our politicians have comfortably avoided wading deep into the turbulent waters of India’s real problems and have only been too happy to point Indians towards the effect rather than the root causes. I have had enough of it. I, as a responsible citizen am ready to be part of a societal team that wants to tackle India’s real problems rather than fighting a mirage. It is time the politicians show me their commitment in matching my aspirations for a greater India. The ball is in your court.


If none of the parties can convince me by Election day, then I will be forced to walk up to the polling booth and press the last button. A button that reads ‘None Of The Above‘ or NOTA. That is right, in this election I am ready to reject all candidates and put forward a message saying that as a responsible citizen of this country, I am not ready to make an ill informed choice and repent helplessly for the next five years. I am ready to identify the real problems we face as a nation and I am also willing to be part of the solution until the next elections. But for that I need a representative who listens to his voters and not his party bosses. If I cant find one in this election, I will wait until the day I find one. I shall continue to vote. It just wont be for anyone. NOTA, in my view is a vote for India.

In conclusion I want to say that if anyone wants my vote, they have to work for it.

Don’t shout
Don’t cry
Don’t Smile
Don’t protest
Don’t accuse
Don’t lie

Just sit down and think. Then come to me. My finger is waiting…

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