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The 2013 Budget- Guna’s Opinion

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Sajan

The budget has just been presented. The reactions have been so far mixed (In a country of 1.2 billion, can there ever be any other reaction other than mixed?). Anyway, while the brilliant men and women of this country who are fortunate enough to air their views on TV continue to analyze this Budget, I thought it is important to go as lower in the society as possible to find out what they thought about this Budget. And who can get lower than Guna, our very own Auto driver from Chennai. As a ‘ration shop rice‘ survivor for two decades, Guna epitomizes the phrase ‘Born to comment on a Budget from a poor man’s point of view who is also a drunkard of an auto driver from Chennai who also likes to party and support the LTTE’. So lets hear it from the great man himself. Guna and his views on the Budget:

Guna's Opinion

Guna’s Opinion

Me: Hi Guna
Guna: Burrp…
Me: So what do you think of the Budget?
Guna: Is Alcohol cheaper?
Me: No
Guna: Petrol?
Me: No
Guna: Women?
Me: Excuse me?
Guna: Anything for Thaikulam (women) in the budget?
Me: Yeah, a little bit.
Guna: Good. How about the rich Bastards?
Me: They need to pay more tax.
Guna: What about underwear?
Me: Underwear? What about it?
Guna: You told me you will buy and come that red type of underwear that Arnold is wearing in the poster in kabali’s Gym?
Me: Er yes, I shall get you your underwear soon. Can we please continue?
Guna: What about Current?
Me: Nothing in the budget about it.
Guna: Punitha Peeye! (Holy Shit). How much longer I have to sleep naked, I don’t know. Too much sweating without currendu ba!
Me: Umm.. So what do you think?
Guna: Well, thaikulam is happy means I am also happy.
Me: So you think it is a good budget?
Guna: Ya Ya. Tell Chidambaram Saar to change his Specks Ba. Nalla Illa! (Lights a cigarette)
Me: Oh Guna, cigarettes have become costlier by the way.
Guna: What? Ot#@, [email protected]@… Worsht Budget ma this! Thu! Chi! Get me cigarette, cancel the underwear ba! (Putting out the cigarette and tucking it away for later.)

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