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Solving India’s Problems- Langur Style!

Posted on the 26 February 2013 by Sajan

I love the way we Indians solve our problems. Be it the simple piece of folded paper below a rocking chair or the introduction of FDI in retail to boost our economy, Indians love myopic and temporary solutions that only serves in complicating the original problem.


Picture courtesy National Geographic

A classic example of the manner in which we solve problems in this country is the case of the famed Langur monkeys of Delhi. The Delhi municipal corporation employs Langur’s to get rid of the common Rhesus monkey’s that infest the Capital city. Rhesus monkeys, which aren’t scared of humans are gripped by fear upon laying their eyes on a Langur. Whenever a complaint is lodged by someone about the monkeys creating nuisance in a locality, the Langur and its caretaker go to the problem spot. As soon as the monkeys lay eyes on the Langur, they disperse from that area, shrieking with terror. Mission Accomplished! The Langur and its caretaker happily collect their fees and retire for the day.

But wait, where do the monkeys actually go? That is a question nobody wants to ask or answer in India. The truth is, the monkeys just shift from one location to another. In a couple of days, the same Langur or a different one is called upon to act on these very same monkeys who are wreaking havoc in a new locality where they recently shifted. So the current solution for this problem is that the monkeys will be chased around from one area to another. The system only tries to distribute the burden of the nuisance equally among its citizens without really finding a permanent solution!

India has a lot of monkeys- Casteism  poverty, illiteracy, terrorism to name a few. All these monkeys are only made to jump from pillar to post, hidden away from society behind the screen of Apathy and ignorance. Neither has there been a concrete plan nor any united action since Independence to weed out these nuisances. Instead, we Indians carry on with our lives, selfishly trying to ensure that the monkeys don’t land on our doorstep.

But the monkeys will come one day. And we will then run around looking for the inefficient Langur’s that we have created in the form of our systems and services, all the while cursing the government and society for its failure to provide a permanent solution to our problems. But before we go around blasting everybody else for our problems, spare a thought to all the monkeys we have created which now roams on someones lawn- The bike you park in front of a gate, the plastic bag you throw out from your car, the mobile phone you answer while driving, the money you bribe a policeman with… the list of self created monkeys goes on and on… Its time we stopped creating more monkeys and actively took part in finding permanent solutions to those existing ones. India is far too great a country to be held back because of its Langur Style!!

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