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My Favorite Blogs- I

Posted on the 06 October 2012 by Sajan

Since the title suggests pretty much what this post is about, let me get directly to the point. Over the years I have come to appreciate, analyze and admire many blogs across the vast expanse of the Blogosphere. And to tell you the truth, many of these blogs have inspired me in a great way to take up blogging myself. I thank these folks for all the wonderful stuff they have come up with in their blogs. I want you, the reader to enjoy and appreciate their amazing work as well. So here goes, the first batch of my favorite blogs (more to follow):

Doing Jalsa and showing Jilpa

Krish Ashok is quite easily one of India’s finest bloggers. I don’t think he needs an introduction. I just want to say that this blog epitomizes the absolute creative freedom that a blog provides an Individual to portray his talents, which in Krish’s case are- ‘Doing Jalsa’ and ‘Showing Jilpa’. An absolute creative content packed, entertaining blog.

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The problem with young people today is

One of the most popular Blogs on the planet. Don Mills is a crabby old fart who hates the young people of the world and has taken to the blog to vent his frustrations on them. A classic case to show that even an entertaining blog with Superior humor and focus can outclass the standard technology driven blogs of the world.

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Can I call this a blog? I really don’t know but without Cecil, the world would have been an ignorant mass of land with humans crawling around it. Find answers to questions you never thought existed or questions which occurred to you but never thought had an answer.

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Who doesn’t like the Oatmeal? This is by far the best comic site/blog you can get your google on. Funny and philosophically hard hitting!

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Son of Bosey

It is really infuriating when a good blogger decides to self destruct his blog like the mission impossible tapes! Anand Ramachandran’s Son of Bosey was an amazing blog. Unfortunately it is no more and it is very confusing to figure out which is his blog these days.

Please read- I leave it to you, the reader to find out. (Please do let me know once you find out)

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