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My Life, My Way!!

Posted on the 07 February 2014 by Harithapk @Hpk_thotzzz
Nowhere, is where I belong,This, I have claimed all along!Yet, you curb my ways,And I give in, not wanting to be a disgrace!!
Limitations, you set and always impede,I dislike it and to you I plead!Yet, you compel me to adhere,And I agree, not wanting to be insincere!!
But now, I have had enough,I will not let myself be cuffed!Of my life, I will take charge,Will not let you knock, let alone barge!!
My Life, My way!!
I want to be left alone,Want to be human, not live like a stone!It’s my rules and my life,Hence, will be happy even though in strife!!
Dam the society,Am done being piety!Will no more relent,Nor ask anyone’s consent!!
Finally, to just let you know,There is nothing to you, I owe!I take my life back from you,
This is my final adieu!!Live life your way,HPK!!!

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