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My Soul is Nourished.... is Yours?

Posted on the 02 December 2013 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot
Writing Prompt for today - This writing prompt took me away from the computer keyboard. Contemplation with a pencil and paper sometimes works best for me.

I am one of those people who gets certain writing prompts and needs time away from the keyboard to get them developed into anything of any merit - and certainly anything to move me forward to my next step.

I decided my best bet in this adventure into what nourishes my soul would be to start in paradox with the split prompt: My soul is nourished by... and my soul is not nourished by...

Here's how it started:

My soul is nourished in intentional silence

My soul is not nourished by silence via desertion or lack of consciousness

My soul is nourished by deep connection

My sould is not nourished through thoughtlessness

My sould is nourished by roadtrips to unknown places, the great unknown herself, trusting the unknown as we seek adventure in the unknown. (Note: this obviously tapped into something!)

I noticed my hand was gripping my pencil so tightly as I wrote that my hand hurt! I wrote, "I purposefilly release my grip."

I am nourished when I am giving and receiving nurturing. I bllurted out to my daughter as we were watching yet another Holiday movie, "That is one of my secret favorite things, having someone notice I might get chilled when I fall asleep and laying a blanket over me." I love it so much if someone starts to put a blanket on me to keep me warm, I pretend I am sleeping just to enjoy the tenderness of this very simple action.

On the other hand, my soul is not nourished when there is an imbalance and someone is grabbing onto me like an energy leech, sucking all the nourishment from my bloodstream.

The river nourishes my soul and my creativity.

Being outside at night, lying on a blanket staring up at the sky nourishes my soul.

Challenges nourish my soul, not for the competitive nature, but for the connection with others involved and walking into excellence at any level.

Laughter nourishes my soul. Quipping by others does not nourish my soul.

I wrote on the page then "nourish, nourish, nourish, nourish" and as frequently find when I free write like this, an all new flood of awarenesses will pop into my mind as I go throughout my day.

One renewed concept or idea for 2014 is to take a monthly personal retreat which is at least a school day in length with a "sleep away" retreat every other month. I really need quiet and contemplation time - as does my soul - in order to be clear and continue on some larger and more Reverb13focused challenges as I am feeling called toward in the coming year.

I'll continue to meditate on Nourish throughout my day.

<< and even before I was ready to publish I was reminded how my soul is nourished via creativity... of all sorts!>>

What nourishes your soul?

Check out the prompt today for the specific wording and ways to connect by visiting KatMcNally.com.


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