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My Superman

Posted on the 16 June 2013 by Fizz @ThePoetsAlley
My SupermanI sometimes wonder,
What my Dad must have felt,
When he must have held me,
For the first time.
Of all the promises he made,
To himself,
Of all the dreams he saw,
For me.
He is the strongest guy,
That I know,
Stronger than Superman,
I know for sure.
For all the times,
He's been there,
For all the sleepless nights,
He worried about me.
I sometimes wonder.
How he must have felt,
To know that one day,
His angel is going to fly away.
I am scared to hell,
To think of it that way,
I just hope my superman,
Is stronger than ever that day.
Dad, I promise,
I will stay in touch,
But no matter what I say,
He will always be far away.
He will worry,
But he won’t say a thing,
No matter how big I become,
I will always remain my Dad's Little Angel.
~ A Poem By Fizz
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