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My World, My Happiness!

Posted on the 11 June 2014 by Harithapk @Hpk_thotzzz

My world, My happiness!
You taught me to smile,You made me feel worthwhile!You taught me to live,You made me in myself believe!
Your's were the words I could trust,Your's was the hand I could hold!You filled the void in me,You hid the vulnerability of my soul!
You are the first ray of sun that hits my still-asleep face,The air I breathe and water that quenches my thirst!You are the root that keeps me on ground,And a refuge where, happiness I found!
We've had our good times and the bad ones,
The music we disagreed on and the lyrics that bound us,The things we said that we shouldn't have; but never said what we actually meant.
My world, My happiness!
We fight. We smile. We live. We cry.Not only with each other but for each other too.The rest of the world on one side, and you on the other,I had still pick you!
Because,We are each other's sweetest dreams,We are the best of friends and more!
Because,Something’s will never change.Not when questioned,Not when we fight,Not when we disagree,Not even when we are out of sight!
You are the path that leads me to the place where I find peace again!You are the strength that keeps me going,A hope that allows me to be trusting,You are the light to my petrified soul,
My world, My happiness!You are all I ever wanted and will always need!!!
P.S: A decade of having known each other and into 3 years of wedding; all I can say is wonderful years have passed but I am certain there are even better ones to come!

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