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Nail Whitening Tablets

Posted on the 03 November 2012 by Laurat24
On a random trip to Superdrug I spotted these nail whitening tablets and decided to give them a try. Maybe I have been living under a rock but I had no idea anything like this existed!. As I am taking a much needed break from Acrylic nails that I mentioned in an earlier post, I usually try make sure my natural nails are always covered with nail polish as I find my my normal nails seem to pick up dirt really easily throughout the day, not to mention the awful yellowish tint I can still see on them from the fake tan products I use.  So as you can imagine, my nails look rather unsightly if au naturale, so I was eager to find out if these tablets could be my nail heroes.  Nail Whitening Tablets  You measure 100ml of warm water into a plastic/ceramic bowl, then put one or two tablets in the bowl to dissolve. (I only used one). You leave one hand to soak for 10 minutes then repeat the process for the other hand. Then dry your hands thoroughly and moisturise.  I have to say though, I was not impressed, it made absolutely no difference whatsoever my nails looked EXACTLY the same! Maybe I should have used two tablets per hand but to be honest it should have at least made some difference. If I really focused on my nails they may look a touch whiter but nothing noticeable. I was disappointed as I normally think superdrug do good products on a budget. These tablets were only £2.99 so I wasn't expecting a miracle but it definately irks me when you buy something, no matter how cheap or expensive and it doesn't do what it claims to.  I wont be buying these again, if you do come across these on your travels, bare this post in mind!  Anyone tried these or anything similar before?   Laura xoxo    

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