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Nevermore ! Nevermore!

Posted on the 06 March 2013 by Heartbaredtoyou121 @naughtytushki

She wakes up before your sun goes up
Battling her own demons while she tries keeping up
She swiftens her pace while you open your groggy eyes
Cleans up your crap and this and that, that lies

You settle up and down the bed
Waiting for the sun to go up your head
While she fights and does away with dusting
Sweat comes up down her face,
From every pore of her skin, bursting

You get up on your feet
Ask you mother
“Can you stop this shit ?
The dust is suffocating me “

She smiles brimming with her motherly love
“Don’t you worry child ! I will make it up to you.”
You hardly notice her heart and her face glow
While you dreaded hurled abuses never go slow

She switches the geyser to fix you bathe
You shove her aside ” Mom ! Get out of my path”
She hastily turns away not uttering a word
While you surmise, comforting her is absurd

So vile are your actions that you don’t think twice
Before asking her to fix up your breakfast, thinking its a credit card swipe

She muscles her way down to the kitchen
Cuts her finger, in hasten
Screaming in a muted tone, like a half culled chicken

She dribbles around packing up your lunch
Putting it inside your bag, killing, if there’s any, hunch
Hopes she, you would love her the way she does
Her flesh and blood you were, not rotten tomatoes

She bids you goodbye after you leave her standing
Don’t even kiss her forehead, like you always do
She finds, there’s something phishing

She dithers away from the door
Back to sweeping the floor
Dread and misery compounded in a store
Lying in the depth of her heart, with regrets galore

She goes back to the kitchen
Tries fixing her own breakfast
A thought about you comes to her mind
Her misery is hardly going to last

Your cussing manner tore her heart
She weeps silently, tending to her wounded heart

She gets on her feet and gets ready for her office
Leaves her lunch in hasten
Oh no ! You didn’t forget
She needed your advice

She works her way through
Excelling everywhere she could
Your mother is a superwoman
As if, it mattered to you though

You come back home and find her sitting on the back porch
You scream of hectic schedule
And order her to fix something to gorge

She gives that wonderful smile again
Makes you sit down by her side
Touches your forehead
My kid, for now, let all tensions slide
Tell me, there’s nothing you have to hide
What’s eating you from the very inside ?


You breakaway from her soothing motherly embrace
Get over to the kitchen, at your own pace
Fixing snack for yourself, leaving bulk of dust and trace
It’s mom’s reason to worry about it
You, she won’t let it be the case
You know for sure
You burst own laughing, however obscure

You take it to the couch, lift the morning newspaper
Read woman bludgoened to death, and then shiver
Murdered by her son, for failing to answer
His call for food and water

A thought grips your mind
How can a man be so vicious and blind
Murdering his own mother
Just because he was undermined

And then you think
What have you done since the day
Your wits troubling you, where the resurrection lay

You get on your feet
Run over to your mother
Ask her
“Mother ! Why did you not tell me ?
That I was being a fool
Thinking I was a king
And you were mine to rule
I am sorry mother
I have nothing else to say”

She winks at you
Smiles and then hugs you in an embrace
Warmer than sun’s burning phase
And says
“Don’t worry kid !
We women are used to such disgrace”


I weep silently
And ask myself later
What men have done
To deserve a place high up the ladder

I know now
“We have killed womenhood
Burnt her desires
Tortured her soul
Shredded her core
Haven’t we, the men stopped
Forever asking for more”

I contemplated
And a voice inside me said
“Nevermore ! Nevermore ! “

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