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New Bedford Half Marathon

Posted on the 12 January 2015 by Mattie @comfyconfident

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was nice to be home and get some stuff done, however I got very distracted by Scandal. I have never seen the show and randomly decided to put on an episode and I am completely hooked. It is so addicting and entertaining. I wasted so many hours watching the show instead of cleaning the house or working on the blog. Opps! Life goes on…

Birthday party at the Greatest Bar

On Saturday, Vinnie and I went out to The Greatest Bar to celebrate a friends 30th birthday. I haven’t been to club type bar in a long time, it was pretty fun and nice to change things up. But, I drank way too much and was worthless all Sunday. It totally screwed up my plans for getting things done. I was so lazy, I couldn’t even cook dinner so we walked to Whole Foods to grab some food. I also picked up some Kevita to try to counteract all the toxins I put into my body. I could use about 5 more!

Wholefoods dinner

The one thing I did accomplish was signing up for the New Bedford Half Marathon in March. I finally bite the bullet and registered. I have been thinking about it for a really long time and decided that competing in races is a great way to work at my goals for 2015. I have run a few races but I have never followed a plan to increase my speed and get a faster time. For this race, I have 9 weeks until the race so I have been looking at a few training plans. I want to find one that has a good mix of steady state runs and speed workouts.

New Bedford Half Marathon Confirmation

Can you recommend any training plans?
Do you have any races coming up?

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