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Nice Guys Don't Finish Last.... They Don't Even Finish

Posted on the 06 June 2012 by Nickmcdonald @W_W_O_Nick_McD
What do all girls want? A guy who is nice, honest, handsome, would do anything for them, is open with his emotions, right? NNNNOOOOPPPPEEEEE!!!!!!! That's a fucking lie. They aren't lying to us, they're lying to them selfs, they honestly think that that is what they want but that isn't what they want, what they want is a guy who can trick them into thinking that he is those things, they get scared when they find someone who actually is that guy. I am those things, I'm ridiculously nice and I would literally do anything if a girl I liked asked me to. I'm handsome, or at least that is what I believe from what I have been told, I can't argue with that. And I am more honest than anyone else, look at my blog I tell everyone everything.
I am all of these things and that is the reason I can't get a girlfriend. I'm TOO nice, I'm TOO honest, and I'm fucking desperate for a girl to want me. They say you can't have too much of a good thing. If this were true I would be fighting them off with a stick. But NOO!!!! FUCKING NOO, THAT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS, JUST NO, NUH UHH, NADA!!!
They say the main thing when you want to get a girl is to just be yourself, just be who you are and they will want that person. Maybe I'm just a fucking ridiculous person and thats why nobody wants me. But I always put out the real me, nobody else does, not fully. I scare them off, I don't know what to do when it comes to girls because I'm just too fucking honest, they don't know what to do with that.
Maybe I just go about everything the wrong way, maybe I try to hard, maybe I'm fucking retarded, maybe I just missed the day of school when they taught this shit, or maybe every girl is just a fucking bitch.
Everyone is telling me that girls do in fact want me, but that isn't true. If they actually wanted me, getting them should be easy, no? If I'm such a catch why doesn't any girl come to ME?!?! Why do I have to go after them? Fucking society just makes it hard as fuck on the nice guy. I don't want to manipulate a girl to sleep with me, I just can't do that, I have the mental capacity to do that, it's not hard, the fucking idiots on jersey shore can do it, I just don't like it, it's pathetic and pitty. I just want a girl to want me for what I am, a crazy, weird, fucked up guy who rants on his blog, loves women, loves life, loves being radically honest, and wants love. I love mind games, I love playing with peoples minds, but that one person, that one person who you share a connection with should be the one that you never play mind games with, never lie, never exaggerate, always be truthful with. I can't start a relationship with anything less than that. Call me a fucking weirdo for wanting to just have something start a little like this..
Hey, you're cool. Do you want to be my boyfriend??
OMG!! I would totally want that! You are also cool, do you want to go get something to eat?
Okay, sounds great!
And BOOM, I have a girlfriend, and everything is good, and I am happy, and she is happy, and we are together and happy. Guys want a girl, and girls want a guy; why does it have to be so complicated? Fuck this shit, it's bullshit, I hate bullshit. Get to the fucking point, stop fucking around and maybe things wont suck so much ass for everyone all the time.
Nick McDonald

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