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Nine Aliens from Doctor Who Arranged from Most Adorable to Most Terrifying

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Blueberry @294by10

Disclaimer: I’ve tried to leave spoilers out, but I apologize in advance for any that remain. Please do not read if you’re a brand new Whovian(ah, the lovely days that lay ahead of you). Instead, you should just read some of my other blog posts from the Archives, on the right. For convenience purposes, The Doctor has been left out of this list. Read on after sighing about Tennant’s absence in a list about cuteness.

1. Adipose

The Adipose are little fat babies, tiny blobs of fat that you can cuddle.

Adore: They are like living soft toys that make adorable giggly noises, easy to love because of how ridiculously cute they are.

Abhor: The ones on earth are probably from inside somebody’s body.

Donna and the Doctor waving at fat. David Tennant. Tenth Doctor

2. Sontarans

The Sontaran are terribly cute, even when all they want to do is destroy you in battle for the glory of Sontar. Sontar-ha!

Sontarans Commander Staal Sontar ha!

Image from the Tardis Data Core

If the angry humpty-dumptys did not work for you, here’s Commander Strax.

Lactic fluid Commander strax Sontaran

Sontaran- Commander Strax

Image from Tumblr

Adore: Cute, angry trolls. Sort of like owning a jack russel terrier who wants to destroy the world.

Abhor: Violent aliens who want to destroy you. Not like owning a puppy at all.


What is cuter than an alien cyborg that reminds you of Dobby the elf?

Doct who Christmas Sc

Image source: Tumblr

Dr: Rickston, Mr Copper, and you Bannakaffalatta– Look, Can I just call you Banna? Its gonna save a lot of time.
Bannakaffalatta: No! Bannakaffalatta.
Dr: All right then Bannakaffalatta. There’s a gap in the middle. See if you can get through.
Bannakaffalatta: Easy, good.

Adore: Tiny, useful, friendly.

Abhor: Abhor?

4. Judoon

Law-keeping space unicorns? Sco ro flo to. ’nuff said.

Judoon Doctor Who

Image source: Tardis data core

Adore: Alien cops. Also, blo mo co jo. Just saying.

Abhor: Mercenaries for hire. Will not be very loyal to you if they get a better deal elsewhere. Just saying.

5. Ood

Benevolent organisms with a shared consciousness, that communicate via telepathy. Oddly reminiscent of elephants but not really.

Ood, Doctor Who

Image from BBC UK website

Adore: They are peaceful, musical and psychic– with an extra brain.

Abhor: They hold their extra brain in their hands and are somehow always prone to becoming insane. Also, linguine face.

6. The Silence

A religious order of aliens known as the Silents.  Slimy, tall, suit wearing organisms that control electricity in the least cool way possible.

The Silence Doctor Who

Image Source: Tumblr

Oh, and you don’t remember seeing them once you stop seeing them.

Adore: From behind, you could mistake them for an Ood.

Abhor: They’ve manipulated human history and they want to kill The Doctor. Also, they put baby in a corner. Well, a baby. Anyway.

7. The Master & Toclofane

SPOILERS. The Master is like the Doctor’s antithesis. A brilliant, insane timelord who wants to own all of time and space.

Image Source: Tardis Data Core

Image Source: Tardis Data Core

The toclofane are us. Us at the end of everything, hanging on to whatever we can, afraid of the darkness, and obeying the Master’s word.


Adore: They’re us, just from the future?

Abhor: They’re us, just from the future, here to murder their ancestors.

8. Weeping angels

The Weeping Angels are Moffat’s terrifying time-eating monsters that cannot move when they are being observed. The minute you turn their back on them (DON’T BLINK!) they will attack you. This can involve moving you to a different point of time in the past, or breaking your neck and manipulating your brain.

weeping angels

Image Source: BBC UK Website

attacking angel

Image source: Tumblr

Adore: Well if it is worth anything, the Doctor once described them as ”the only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely” because (usually) you don’t actually die, you just live your lives out in the past, giving your time energy to the angel that touched you.

Abhor: You learn something more terrifying about them with every passing episode that they’re featured in.

9. (SPOILER) Are you my mummy?

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

‘The Empty Child’ was the Doctor Who episode that told me that I was now officially sucked into the show, that told me that they meant business.  Human beings sprouting gas masks in the middle of the London Blitz? Tiny nano robots that heal like nobody’s business?


Adore: The Nanogenes-they’re really, really just trying to help.

Abhor: They have no idea how to help and create scared and lonely children.

Here’s something else awesome:

The ones that almost made it:

Him, obviously:

Image Source: Wikipedia

Face of Boe– Image Source: Wikipedia


Image Source: Tardis Data Core

Clockwork Droids–Image Source: Tardis Data Core

And this thing, obviously

Image Source: BBC UK website

Midnight Monster– Image Source: BBC UK website

And for good measure:

Image from BBC UK website

Image from BBC UK website

Until next time, Keep singing!

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