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On the Bookshelf in January

Posted on the 11 February 2014 by Kay @blushingpeonies
On the bookshelf in January
I know I was very lax towards the end of last year with my 'book club'  (read that as lax with ALL posts) and I didn't post for the last couple of three months but I love reading and I loving recommending books which I think others will enjoy, so I have decided to carry it on and I hope you will bear with me.
Lets wipe the slate clean and pretend that I didn't miss on posting about books I had read at the latter end of 2013 shall we, after all we're all friends here!
I do have to give a disclaimer and that is; I don't expect each month to be rammed with read upon read. There is a battle between free time vs no bloody time going on in our house this year and I expect it to remain that way for the majority of the year, but I promise to do my very best and get through at least one book a month. Currently book reading is only when I fall into bed at the end of the day and I manage a chapter (if I'm lucky) before I nod off.
Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen MahAdeline Yen Mah's childhood in China during the civil war was a time of fear, isolation and humiliation. The cause of this was not political upheaval but systematic emotional and physical abuse by her step-mother and siblings, and rejection by her father. Falling Leaves is the story of a 'Fifth Younger Daughter' and her determination to survive the pain of a lonely childhood.
My Verdict: This is a harrowing story, a harrowing TRUE story which makes the read all that more upsetting. It is brilliantly written and to read what Adeline went through and how her spirit was not destroyed is incredible. If you are interested in the ties which bind us to our families then this is the book for you.

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