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Oregon Already

Posted on the 20 June 2012 by Nickmcdonald @W_W_O_Nick_McD
I just woke up from my nap which was more like a sleep because it was like 4 hours or some shit. Papa says we are about to cross into Oregon, I pretty much slept through all of Washington, that is a good thing.
I never told you the reason I'm trapped in this truck. My relationship with my dad, and everyone really has always been very distant, for anyone who doesn't know me I was very closed off before I started this blog; even more so with my family. I haven't really been telling them much now, more than usual, but not enough. A couple days ago I got accidentally full-on shit-faced drunk refer to the post named 'iun drunik' which I'm pretty sure means 'I'm Drunk' is drunk people language. And yes, it was kinda accidental, I've never tried hard alcohol before, gin to be specific; It tastes horrible and it takes a while to hit you. Well why this was a problem is that I was at home in Kelowna at the time, I was waiting up for my brother who was coming up for a couple days. The plan was to have a couple drinks and wait up for him, then go to bed. The plan worked but I wasn't expecting him to be standing over me with my aunt while I was laying with my head in the toilet when he got there.
I'm fucking stupid is the reason I'm in this predicament. My family doesn't know enough about me to understand why, and they aren't really curious enough to ask, they just assume they know what is best for me and that now they should take more control over the screw up kids life.
I'll just throw this in here. I'm sitting beside him and he thinks I'm studying for chemistry, he doesn't really know about my blog. I don't feel like explaining it at the moment.
Yup, Just saw the sign saying we're in Oregon. I like Oregon more than Washington, it's a lot different than B.C. it doesn't look like an impostor.
Back to my story. I'm not very responsible, at all; I've never had a real job and I have the work ethic of.... I don't know a lazy person. I couldn't think of a good one. It's not that I don't want a job, it's not like I'm THAT lazy and unproductive, I just want to do something that is worth doing. How is delivering pizzas helping the world? I'm looking but there is just so much useless shit in this part of the world, I want to be in a position where I can help people, make their lives better, do my part to give back. Not give back to this pissy first world with their bull shit problems but to the people that need help.
Fuck it, I made up my mind. I'm going to try to get some aid work in South America or some shit like that, I don't know what they would have for someone like me but I will at least look into it. It would be worth it and it would be a change that I need; even if it's just for a couple months.
We're driving by the Walmart distribution center for north west USA and the fucking size of that building made me sick, we take so much for granted.
Well, time to go eat then I think I will actually start studying for the first time in the last month that I should have been studying for the one last exam I have to do to graduate from high school.
Bye Bye from Stanfield, Oregon, USA
Nick McDonald

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