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out of Plateau, 18 Pounds Down

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Gray Eyed Athena @grayeyedowl

I took my progress picture on March 3, mimicking the progress picture I took on February 3.  This is such a cool way for me to document and see the changes in my body, and when I feel confident enough to post them here, I will.  I lost 8 pounds during the month of February, but weirdly enough, I lost all 8 of those pounds during the first 2.5 weeks of the month.  I’ve been seriously plateauing since then, despite my unchanging restrictive habits, which is frustrating.

However, this morning I finally (FINALLY) pushed past the lowest weight I’ve been in over a year and am breaking new ground at 18 pounds down.  Let the skies open and the angels sing.

I need to be losing 7-10 pounds a month in order to feel even remotely good about myself for the wedding in June.  Time to kick it up a notch.  I’m dropping my caloric intake to 750 calories and upping my exercise by adding the personal trainer and hopefully, a dance class.

Meanwhile, I await spring and warmer temperatures with the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve.


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