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Passionate Detachment: 31 Days to Living a Passionate Life

Posted on the 04 October 2013 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

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Sometimes, like in moments like these, sports examples and metaphors come in handy. If you have another example I could share, please let me know because all my brain would deliver today are sports analogies.

For some reason when I was younger I dated football players who were running backs. Not just any running backs, though, I seemed to be especially drawn to shorter than usual running backs. "How do you do it?" I asked Pete, who was probably five foot six on a tall day. "How do you get over the fear of running through all those linemen who are so much bigger than you?"

His response, "I just put my head down and run. I don't think, I just look for openings and run."

It worked for him as a high school football player. In college, I found another short running back to date who told me basically the same thing.

One of the most important principles I can share with you about living a passionate life is something I call "Passionate Detachment" which is something like this practice.

You have a goal - one that may seem bigger than you are likely to achieve.

To get there, lower your head, look for openings, and move as swiftly as you can. Sometimes you will make a first down or even a touchdown and sometimes you'll barely make it past the line of scrimmage. The thing is - you are moving, you are believing, you are taking action - and you are not attaching yourself to the outcome of the game, you are simply taking the situation you are in and giving it the best you've got.

This is a numbers game, like so much of life. You show up, you set your intention, you consider your possible actions and you take action. This is the key to a passionate life.

1. Show up as authentically as possible. Do not wear masks, do not harshly judge yourself, and believe your passion will shine through no matter whether you like your job (or whatever you are doing) or not. LIKING is not the point - PASSION for LIFE is the point.

2. Set an intention. Sometimes it may be simply repeating "Passion" in your head as a mantra. Oftentimes I set my intention not as a declaration, but as a question. "What can I do to show my passion today at work?"

3. Take intentional action. Yes - you must move in order to be passionate. You must flow, dance, hop, stretch, somersault in order to experience passion. It may be meditating - that is an action. You may be doing yoga - that is an action. It may be sitting down with a friend for coffee - that is an action. Your action doesn't have to be similar to breaking a world record or climbing Mount Everest! Make your intentional action appropriate to your situation right now.

4. Let go of the results you may or not achieve.  Reward yourself for showing up, setting your intention and taking purposeful action accordingly. This is difficult for so many of us and it is critical to leading a passionate life. This is countercultural. The trick is - when you Show up at 100%, set your intention and take purposeful action and do so everyday in everything you do, your results will shift into the direction of your intention and action. It is as simple as that.

5. Pat yourself on the back. Celebrate with the people you love. Sing, dance, let it all out!

How simple can Passionate Living be?

Passionate Detachment - Go for it with all your heart and soul without being attached to the outcome from all that energetic expenditure. "Put your head down and run."


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