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Planet of the Gapes?

Posted on the 20 July 2011 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
OK. So I'm sitting down on my imperfect, cream sofa with my almost perfect boyfriend with a glass of wine and some pasta ready to watch the first "Planet of the Apes".
Well, it's my boyf's favorite ever film and it has Charlon Heston in it - need I say more?
Anyway, as the film progresses, I notice a rather large 'gape' (not ape) in the plot... No women.
Oh hold on, I beg your pardon. There is a woman, however she cannot speak, nor fend for herself (of course!) Wait! There is another woman, although she dies in the first 5 minutes having contributed nothing to the plot except being the token female. I hope she was payed good money to be that token female. And got a good pension from it.
Now, you may have noticed that under my favorite films, "Planet of the Apes" sits there proudly amongst the best of them. I did enjoy the film. It has Charlton Heston in it.
However, this absence of female characters narked me off somewhat. Could it be the era that the film was made in? Where women were merely pretty little things to be oggled at? Hmph!
Is that what we still are? The 'token woman' in the plotlines of our own lives. Standing on the outskirts of the patriarchy, merely contributing a stark comparison to masculinity?
Well I never thought I'd get all that from a film about monkeys...
It's hard to be a woman I know that for sure.
I'll have a think... watch this space.

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