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Playing the Cupid for My Valentine

Posted on the 24 January 2015 by Shruti2910
Valentine's day is one of the most special days for everyone in love, irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion or culture. Though there is a group of people who believes that you don't need a dedicated day to make your loved one feel loved, I believe that one day to 'celebrate' love can rekindle the fire. Ofcourse, one must always make their loved ones feel loved but a special day just for them has a special charm in itself.
With Valentine's Day approaching, I too had jitters and confusions as to how to make 14th February special for him. Not that I have already proposed to him, I wish to propose him for marriage. I sat down to write things I shall be doing for him on the day and here is the itinerary:
1. Setting up our first date
In the beginning of our relationship with someone, all of us make efforts to show the romantic side of ours to someone we love. We use the most creative ideas we can come up with, just to make our beloved feel the love we contain for them. How if I can turn the clock backwards? Our first date was funnily on Skype since he stayed miles apart. So yes, 14th February begins with a cheesy Skype call, with the similar setting: Me sitting in our college, with a Maggie and cup of coffee. Same clothes, same love. :)
2. Couple's Massage at a Spa
Since he comes back super tired after his work with no time to pamper himself, I will be setting up an appointment at a nearby plush spa for couple massage. Since I am not sparsely sure about my massaging skills, why not relax and let the master do the work?
3. 'The day is yours, Mister'
I do not plan to spend my entire day with one thousand people around us. Since we hardly get any free time to spend with each other without any disruptions, I plan to spend the rest of the day with him. Of course things are going to be crazy, but some rules are set: Switching off phone, turning off house bell, locking laptop in cupboard and sending maid on leave. No interruptions, no disruptions!
I wish to spend the day alone with him, doing our chores together, surprising him with little things every hour. I will be hiding chocolates under the bed-sheet which he'll be ordered to change. And a love-note between vegetables which he'll be asked to cook.
4. Making a coupon bonanza!
I have started collecting coupons, one for every week, till next Valentine's day. Coupons are of things he loved to do and things we love to do. He gets the chance to redeem them whenever he wants. They include coupons to unlimited pizza day, coupon to gaming day, coupon to massage and some left to your imagination. ;)
At the end of the day, I would propose him for spending his life with me.
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