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Prose With a Purpose?

Posted on the 24 April 2011 by Catem @ImCateM
Prose With a Purpose?A recent blog topic idea was to answer the question "What Do You Hope to Accomplish With Your Blog?"
Try as I might, I don't have an answer for that.  For me, to blog is to just write/post/vent/inform/encourage and so many more things.  I know some people have one certain focus, one certain theme that they write about like reviewing cosmetics or teaching people how to make things.  I can't seem to focus in on one topic like that.  My mind rambles from thought to thought and I am interested in so many different things, how could I possible choose just one?  There is such a vast array of things to write about that just happen in a daily life.
So I guess my "purpose" for this blog, while it's mainly for me to ramble out the things I think about, would be to hope that even just one person finds something here that touches them, that inspires them, that makes them think, that gives a little bit of encouragement or even gives someone a little giggle.  Maybe makes them say "haha I'm like that too."  After all isn't that what we're on this earth for?  To touch the lives of others and to make a difference to someone, somewhere.

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