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P.S Just Saying (new Life)

Posted on the 19 October 2012 by Sweetblossom @sweetblossom_

P.S just saying (new life)
In this life journey I always got lost in important turning point of my life and I always stayed distracted. The feeling of nobody killed me. Had nothing in life everything was passing clouds and time been attraction .I never had any thing to relate myself and I really hated that feeling of been nothing. I was just below average girl always shy, scared and lack of confidence, a totally loser in word. I all most tried every kind of a things to relate myself but nothing last long, just name it and yes I had a time of my life trying to fit in. was a totally dumb it feels crazy the way I was but today I know I’m something beyond average. Only bcoz I learnt through my mistakes and my stupidity.
• Sitting in house while all my friends were in college.
• getting backstabbed by my very own,
• Doing all the crazy and messy things just for fun.
• Getting education with people way younger.
• Relationship and commitments in young age.
Many more things which can't be mentioned, I was a bitch than but I’m proud of what I’m today and only I know what all I went through to reach so far. I always ended up in wrong things but I learnt and survived those times. Life is miserable if you don't know why you’re alive! Love, friendship, habits, guilt and mistakes. This are the things which help you grow and will make you feel proud on a fine day. So whatever happens, it happens for good.
I'm not a proper daughter or anything even close to good but I’m starting to do good things which is making me feel good this days and that’s all I care. I’m happy in my own shoe and I’m proud the way I’m today. So I love myself and don't care what others got to say or think about me because only I know what I'm and my capability to be beyond someone’s judgment .
P.S love yourself before falling for anything and I finally have things to related myself today, if you are thinking its love, its wrong I’m happy and very close to achieving my dreams.
Love and kisses

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