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Purim Weekend

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by Missliabilities

Purim Weekend

Hamentaschen goodness!

I'm not Jewish but my best friend is so on Saturday (Purim) after work we had a girls' night. First we went out for sushi. Sushi is delicious but it's never filling enough and of the varieties of fish I only eat tuna which severly limits my options. But nevermind that because we had plenty of her hamentaschen to chow down on. We talked about weddings and babies, watched the Mindy Project, and looked at old photo albums. It was so much fun! As an anti-social person, I am very opposed to hanging out with people even though I know I'll have a great time. Hopefully one day I'll overcome this uncomfortable feeling in social situations.
M's med school formal overlapped with girls' night, so we didn't go. It was probably for the best. I love slow dancing with M, but because of our height different (17 inches), it's hard to do the 21st century bump and grind. My hips are pretty much at his knee level, and he'd fall backwards getting that low. Also, we both hate rap music and the $35 ticket price wasn't worth the free Coors Lights served. Maybe next year?
As an apology for not going, I bought M a treat from Trader Joe's: chocolate-covered espresso beans! One of my parents introduced these to us and we couldn't stop chowing down. Sunday morning I went downstairs at 11am and heard him eating something. Turns out he's eaten 15 of those beans and started feeling a little jittery. Butt.Purim Weekend
Last night we went to see Warm Bodies and grab a beer at a craft beer bar. Very cute movie, very good beer.
Hope you enjoyed a happy post for once ;)

Purim Weekend

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