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Ready Or Not

Posted on the 01 June 2012 by Lizb12 @elizabethbrinks
Ready or Not soo-i've posted about Britt Nicole before,i know. however i just started listening to all of the songs on her new Gold album <<picture :) i fell IN love with the Ready or Not song!!
It's got Lecrae (Ya!) in it and really is just a super up-beat song that talks about being ready for showing love to the world, that it doesn't matter with your timing, it matters with God's. Reader, i gotta apologize to you, i was furious, holding grudges and just plain upset when i posted last-i have absolutely nothing against the guys at my school, and don't worry i'm "gonna make it" :) i'd had a bad day, and was simply letting stress get to me but this morning a little me said to myself, "You're holding a grudge against those boys, you can still show them love and be nice, get over it and yourself." may sound mean, but hey-sometime si need mean to get through the mugginess of my mind ;)
Britt Nicole-Ready or Not
and since i like love a bunch of her songs i made a pic-Howrse avi was needed :D Ready or Not  like i said, she's cool, beautiful (not that it would matter) and got some good stuff in her. so, once again-i'm sorry for the way i spoke/wrote last time-and i hope we can make amends :) don't forget to follow me on twitter!!  Have a great day, i am helping with the dance tonight ee!! Godbless, LizB

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