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Posted on the 25 July 2013 by Missliabilities
Gotta love the shit I put up with day in and day out.
This morning I'm listening to music as I walk towards my building and I'm smiling and happy. One of my coworkers drives up and waves, and immediately my face falls. Another coworker outside the entrance sees me and says "Elle, you should pretend to be happier when you get to work." He's sort of joking.
Throughout the day I try really hard to be nice to everyone I interact with. Hell, I'm even helpful to the state tax agent who calls me. Then I feel like going over to Tina's desk, a girl who pretends to like me only when we're discussing wedding stuff.
"Hi Tina, can I have a piece of gum?" I point out her pack of gum that's open and has a few sticks remaining.
"I don't have any gum," She replies, still typing at her computer.
"What about that pack right there?" I ask, pointing to the gum right in front of her.
"I don't have any gum." She responds again and continues to chat on Gmail.
Then her friend comes by an hour later. They chat in their native language and are giggling. From my desk I see the friend take a piece of gum from the pack.
Fuck them both. 597 more days of this crap.

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