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Relationships and Breakups – The Impact

Posted on the 02 February 2016 by Ajvats @branderful

Of all the phenomena in this mortal world, darkness is the most unfathomable. We are all dark inside. Atleast a part of us is. We venture out, looking for someone to eradicate, if not whole, atleast a part of this darkness in us. But often, even when we find someone willing to share our darkness, indulge us and love us the way we are, the darkness inside us rears its ugly head & fills our heart with doubts & questions we'd never ask otherwise.
Being Gullible, we pay heed to these vile thoughts, discarding all that we initially felt, tightly wind up ourselves inside our shell. It's not that we don't want to be pulled out but we never really give anyone a chance to do so. And then we crib about how no one cares.

Now, we live in the world where partners are becoming more and more intolerant towards each other, companionship is a rare phenomenon and in this fight of being equal both of them are losing. Yes, both male and female are equal, but in their own way. Qualities of a male and a female naturally compliments with each other, which creates perfect synergy and magic. Feminists or Mennists have their perspectives, how right or wrong they may be, but we should also hear what nature has to tell us. Just to make clear things from my perspective - I am an advocate for equality and in all areas of life I hold all things with the same regard.
Why now, is it the western influence? Are we becoming intolerant? Is it difficult to manage both career and family together? Are we more selfish now? Are we afraid of relationship?
I don’t think there is one answer for everybody, the answer in-fact, is more complex than we could imagine. I don’t think I am here to give solution. I can’t, I am no Guru. We actually don’t need any expert guidance on this, just introspect and do what goes with your conscious. There is no right or wrong, there are only circumstances.
We can only fight the darkness within by listening to our inner conscious and if you are thinking about the existence of the conscious within, don’t think too much, if you ever had guilt, you have conscious.
I too had an experience of this darkness where I wasn’t sure of so many things, I wasn’t prepared to answer the questions within and succumbed to doubts and fears. I may not speak about it ever or even write about it going forward but this gave me a scar for life. Damn! This wasn't supposed to get personal.
I'm stuck in this abyss.

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