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The Key to Real Togetherness

Posted on the 23 October 2015 by Ajvats @branderful

Everybody has somebody or something that give them that 'feeling' of togetherness. The sense that these people will always have your back no matter what or these things will always be around to cheer you up at the far ends of the earth. 
Real togetherness for me is when you spend quality time together (not limited to be physically present) and are brave enough to be yourself completely. Real togetherness is not determined by the no of years you have spent together, more than quantity it is quality. Real togetherness can also be achieved using simple telephonic conversations, by meeting once in a month or once in a year for that matter. It's not easy to come together, to stay together and more importantly to get back together again after a fight or miscommunication.  In this fast pace life, nobody has time for casual/agenda less meetings, people meet on some relative's marriages, exchange greetings and the cycle continues until the next marriage.
Our story of spending time together, crafted by our grandfather. 

We used to live in a joint family and frequent fights were very common, after observing that our Dadaji, the eldest of the family (who was also a retired teacher) devised a master plan with an idea of collaborating everybody in some activity. It was summers of 2010s when everybody was busy in their own world when Dadaji announced the plan for the next day.  Everybody was asked to complete their daily work by noon. Everybody gathered by 12:00 sharp, dadaji took the center stage and announced “All of you have to make our family tree, branched out from my father, pics of whom are here. Include information & pics about our relatives, my father, mother and siblings.I don’t think I need to help you with the pics apart my father & mother, because they aren’t on Facebook. Complete this task if you want to have lunch”. 
To our surprise we managed to finish the task in 2hrs. Everybody had a big smile on their face, realizing how big our family is; except from the kids who were astonished.   Our Dadaji came, saw, smiled, look at each one of us and asked us to come for lunch. We had a lavish lunch together which was ordered by Dadaji. Immediately after that, we were given seeds of different plants which we need to sow, give water and protect. We understood our next task, we took the seeds and planted them individually, every seed has individual’s name written on it, we were asked to protect and nourish it.  In the evening everybody was given a responsibility of preparing individual dish for the dinner. Even now people are getting busier and busier we have and always will maintain this tradition. We have a promise to fulfill, a promise we made to our grandfather, a promise we will fulfill at any cost. 
A wise man once said “Lost time is never found again”.

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