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Revelling In Weirdness and Some Foot Tapping Music!

Posted on the 14 July 2015 by Sreesha @petrichor_blore

Whenever I am out with a bunch of friends in a car, no one ever asks me for my phone to plug into the music system. Simple reason – more often than Pitbull telling you about the benefits of the vodka brands that sponsor his videos, you’re gonna find Amy Lee crooning, “Liiiiiiiiithiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuum, I wanna stay in love with my sorrow………” or Porcupine Tree informing you there’s just been a heart attack in a layby. And that simply does not make for good listening when you are, umm, not friggin’ in love with your sorrow! Also, in a car, talking about heart attacks in laybys, not a good idea!
It’s all good for me, not because I am in love with my sorrow, but deep, depressing, soulful rock just connects with me (… and she revelled in her weirdness). But there are days when I need some uplifting, or I am simply too happy to enjoy the depth and wisdom of rock. For those days, yes, I do keep some Mr. Worldwide handy, amongst others.
The first and foremost on this list in Bailando. Now, a lot of kids who grew up in 90s look at Enrique Iglesias like he’s “apna yaar.” Teenage boys wanted to be him and teenage girls just swooned over that mole he doesn’t have anymore (fangirls know what I’m talking about!) Enrique’s music isn’t what it used to be. Somewhere, like Lucky Ali back home, he began to sound like a sellout. Then came Bailando. It sounded almost classic Enrique. Swooning resumed, now over the moleless cheek and that oh-so-gorj voice with that wine-like quality (fangirls still know what I am talking about)
Bangaloreans, tell me that doesn't look like Bellandur flyover!!!
Second on the list is Timber. Yeah, yeah, innuendo, NSFW video yada yada yada. I don’t care, bottom line is, it makes your feet go tapping.
3) My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark. Fall Out Boy is classified as a rock band. I personally do not see a lot of raw rockery in it, except for the anger that’s typical of some college rock bands. You probably won’t watch this video (your loss – it's a pretty kickass video), so lemme tell you, this is the best line in the whole song, “A constellation of tears on your lashes; burn everything you love and then burn the ashes.” The lyrics rock (couldn’t help myself with that pun, sorry)!

4) Moves Like Jagger. Maroon 5. Adam Levine. Enough said.

5) Blame. Calvin Harris, John Newman. I know Summer is probably a more uplifting Calvin Harris song. But blame it on the lyrics (sorry again) I like this one better.
*audio version*

6) Sorry Go Round, Poets Of The Fall – No playlist is complete without including at least one song by the man I consider God, Marko Saaresto!

7)  My Head Is A Jungle, Emma Louise, Wankelmut (MK Remix) Give it time. It grows on you, and does not get out of your head.

8) Talking Body, Tove Lo *lyric video*

9) Mission Impossible Theme, The Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling. If you like the original Limp Bizkit version, you will like this more. I guarantee you that.

10) And finally......

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