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Robots Won't Be Nicking My Job

Posted on the 18 June 2012 by Fab40foibles @fab40foibles

Robots won't be nicking my job


I was relieved to read here earlier that my job as a secondary school teacher won't be taken over by robots in the near future. Relieved both for my own paycheck, but also for my children. Aparently further education is at more risk over technological invasion.

Obviously I'm not against someone, or should I say something, to tackle my marking pile, or should I say, foothill. Or something to at least file all my paperwork and maybe make the coffee when it's my turn.

Perhaps I could just automate the repetitive part of my job:

press 1 to leave a crappy excuse about not doing homework

press 2 to find out why you got zero in the last assignement (you didn't hand it in)

press 3 to find out why there's a red cross next to your answer to question 4 (it's wrong)

press 4 to ask what the homework is (it's written on the board, mid right hand side, as it has been for every lesson for the last nine months)

press 5 to ask the date (top right hand side of aforementioned board)

press 6 to ask what a word means (dictionaries are on the shelf to your left)

press 7 to ask if you can leave early ( no, if you get run over I'll be put behind bars, and I'm not giving up even 5 minutes freedom for you, ever, so stop asking)

press 8 to ask why you got a late arrival detention this week ( because you arrived late this week)

press 9 to wish me a good day/weekend/holiday  - what was that, sorry, I wasn't expecting that as you bolted for the door.


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