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Sharing the Good News - Amazing Grace

Posted on the 09 September 2014 by Thandi @sassymissy
Sharing the Good news - Amazing Grace
God's Grace is humanity's greatest gift,
Yet we take advantage
of it always. Living lives that we know are not pleasing in God's eyes, but counting on his forgiveness anyway.
Sharing the Good news - Amazing Grace
On the other hand we sometimes are so blinded by our foolish intelligence that we deny the existence of a God! Deny his presence that is sooo colossal!But the crazy thing is, despite this, God loves us all, despite our stubbornness and sin, he seeks to be in relationship with us. Once you confess your sins, with a genuine heart, his grace sets you free! God does not hate the murderer or the Gays/Lesbians, just the sin.
Sharing the Good news - Amazing Grace
 He does not want to pour out punishment and make them suffer! There's a saying that goes "Hate the sin, not the sinner”. Same thing.  He hates our sin, not us. He destroyed the evil city of sodom and gomora after giving them many many chances to repent! Stubborn hearts have existed since the beginning of times. If the people from that city changed their ways, God would have spared them. Instead they turned a blind eye to the grace God was extending to them. Well in the old testament, God was much stricter with us. There were hundreds of laws humans had to follow to become right with God- circumcision, burning offerings of lamb etcs. But in the new testament after Jesus came, we are not bound by these laws anymore! Jesus became the lamb and sacrificed his life.
Sharing the Good news - Amazing Grace
We don't have to work so hard to gain salvation anymore! Imagine the God of the universe, sacrificing his son for us! That is love.
Moses was a murderer right?
Point is, it does not matter who you are or what you have done, God's grace is sufficient to clean your slate. And once that happens, he can use you for great things!
Make a fresh start with Jesus :)
Quit denying the free gift of salvation!
Sharing the Good news - Amazing Grace

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