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Sign Up Now for *Free* Passion Activator Friday - Have Fun While Getting It Done!

Posted on the 23 February 2015 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot


Passion Activator Friday - have fun while getting it done - February 27, 2015 Hooray! Join the Productivity & Playfulness on February 27 -

 Passion Activator Friday will be here all day February 27, 2015 so you can "Have Fun While Getting It Done!"

Passion Activator Friday is a "Yes. we can!" laboratory of intense, purposeful productivity in community scattered across the globe through the power of teleconferencing bridge lines. The concept is simple:

Intention + Laser-like nuggets of time + a Community cheering you on = Wildy Rich and Abundant productivity.

Stop wasting time ~ stay ultra focused on your most important task of the day and get cheered on just for showing up and doing it.

 Do you have a project shouting for some intense attention? Join us... and yes, you heard me right... it is even free of charge. How can you miss?

YES! Our next Passion Activator Friday with teleconferencing withh be Friday, February 27 ~ starting at 6:45 AM Pacific time. Join us for hourly accountability and celebration calls throughout the day (as many or as few as you choose) up until 2:45 PM Pacific time ~

 (If you know you want to participate, please scroll to the bottom of the page to register for email updates and the dial in number for the bridge line to call for inspirational check ins.)

  Are you:

Having difficulty getting motivated to complete projects or clear clutter or just get those last details managed?

Maybe you are a one-person business, perhaps in the creative or healing arts, who would like to hang out at a "virtual water cooler" with other folks who are like minded, like souled and like hearted -

Buried by half-dones, niggling clutter or piles of stuff you can't seem to get to without support?

We have a way to solve your "just can't seem to get it done" blues with Passion Activator Friday!

Passion Activator Friday, in a nutshell: a day of intentional productivity in a supportive community of caring, active, focused individuals who gather every hour to set their intention - then take action - then report back in to cheer one another and get support for the next activity on "the list."

The intention is to schedule a whole day or a half day to handle things that are lingering, undone, need to be communicated – anything you’ve been meaning to get to that you want to clear off your plate. It can be a bigger project or several things like creating a new program, painting a room (I did that on one call) or a bunch of things like, paying bills, clearing off emails, running some needed errands, returning some phone calls, filing papers, de-cluttering – get the picture?
FRIDAY, February 27  - Simply fill out the simple subscription form below to receive reminders and updates as well as the dial in number for our calls.

Email Address * First Name Last Name  

If you have any questions or would like to receive any passion activator pointers from me, email me:

Email Julie at [email protected]
 or talk to me via twitter  @juliejordanscot    

or call or text me - 661.444.2735

Canyon writingJulie Jordan Scott is a writer, creative life coach, speaker, performance poet, Mommy-extraordinaire and mixed-media artist  whose Writing Camps and Writing Playgrounds permanently transform people's creative lives. Watch for the announcement of new programs coming in Spring, 2015 and beyond.

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