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Silence: One of Passion's Best Kept Secrets - 31 Days of Living a Passionate Life

Posted on the 12 October 2013 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot


Silence:  Passion's Best Kept Secret #31Days to Living a Passionate Life This photo was taken at Sequoia National Monument: A Sacred, Holy, Passionate Place Have you ever walked along a tree lined path and suddenly the rays of sun become three dimensional? Have you noticed how that third dimension feeling of light is almost like a divine affirmation to continue walking, creating, moving, loving – whatever it is that brought you there that day?


Have you also noticed that in order to see that light in such breathtaking beauty, there needs to be at least a millisecond heart beat echo, exhale of silence?

Silence gives space for your truth to slowly be filtered through all the muck of the everything else, the stuff that may seem essential to day-to-day life, but squelches the expression of pure passion.

I know there are times when many of us, myself included, crave noise.

Sometimes in the noisiest places I have found the greatest experiences of silence.

The kind of noise I request you allow to fade into stillness are the scratchy old school in between radio station sounds, when you add noise to “keep you company” because you are concerned that if you allowed yourself the luxury of silence you either might not like what you hear OR you might not be able to follow through with what the divine, three dimensional light invites you to do.

You figure, “Why bother?”

Silence and I gather you up now in our arms to say the ubiquitous mother sounds, “husssshhhhhhh, ssssshhhhhhh, there… you’re ok… shhhhhhh… husssshhhhh” replicating womb sounds, comfort sounds, “I am safe” sounds which usher us all into a sanctuary of silence when you can really hear what is being spoken to your heart.

Are you brave enough to try it for today or for ten minutes today or tomorrow?

I invite you to stretch your noisy safety net into the silent sacred sanctuary that lives wherever you are, ever ready for service to you and to your passion.

I know you will find it heavenly.

Let me know what happens: after all, you have everything to gain – especially a more passionate life.


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This post was inspired by the #31Days challenge on TheNester.com

So far it has been a wonderful experience of creativity and community. I hope you will continue to follow along on my adventure AND the adventures of others.

= = = = = =

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