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Sisterhood? Sister Should.

Posted on the 15 August 2011 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
I have a sister.
She doesn't wear a hood. But that's by-the-by.
She's awesome. As all sisters are I'm sure.
How can we not be?
We've mastered the jet engine, we've mastered motherhood, hell we've even mastered masturbating! Which boys thought they'd got down. But we've mastered the clitoris. And the clitoris is a miracle. It really is.
Anyway, sisters. They are miracles.
When you're down and out (when you're on the street) they've got your back. Always.
And I'm not just talking blood related, despite the brilliance that is my AB positive sister. I-Be positive that all sisters are a result of years of sisterhood. Women fighting for women. Women supporting women. Women having each other's backs at all times.
Are your cogs ticking too?
Remembering the time when your BFF (best friend forever, or even, forNever) at school mocked your 'large', by her standards, derriere in front of the boys at school? Wincing at the thought of your supposed 'galpal' at work stealing your original and exciting ideas and flaunting them to management as her own?
Sisterhood? Not so much.
In my experience, which is limited and almost infantile, men have mastered sisterhood.
Well not sisterhood. But the male equivalent.
Manhood? Nope that's definitely not the word.
Bromance - ah there we are!
"Bros before hoes" as my boyfriend says.
Although I don't think he really means this. Or, at least, I hope he doesn't. For starters, I'm no hoe!
But what about "Sisters before Misters"? Sisters before Misters. I think that has a nice ring.
Not that I'm saying anyone should be putting anyone before someone important for the sake of gender. That would be discrimination. Positive discrimination. The worst and most patronising form of discrimination.
But, as advertising tells us, it's all about slogans.
Brosbeforehoes.com? Sistersbeforemisters.com. Simples.
Rather than stabbing each other in the back. Perhaps we should work as a team.
The Romans didn't build an empire on running off to fight on their own. No no no. They fought together as an unbeatable team. Maybe we should take a leaf out of Caesars crown. We could conquer Europe. Just not Scotland. But who'd wanna do that?
So, next time you think "God, she shouldn't be wearing those trousers". Maybe think, "Yes God, she should definitely be wearing those trousers. They're ill fitting and tie-dyed but they're on the fabulous arse of a fabulous woman."
Just remember not to say that out loud. No one wants to get smacked.
Sisterhood? Sister definitely, most certainly fucking should.
And if not, then there's always copyright.
Watch this space...

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