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Posted on the 03 December 2016 by Sallygatez @salaminaM

“Every case of a woman being abused is a case too many. Too many survivors continue to suffer in silence and it is our joint responsibility to do whatever possible to change this”
It's sad to read that South Africa has 1 of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. But it’s not enough to just lament this fact. So I decided to add my voice to the many others also saying No to violence against women!
On Saturday, the 26th of November the stage was set for the very popular #SisterswithBlisters protest walk at Monte Casino. Not only was Joburg weather positively showing off, with its clear blue skies and beguiling sunshine, but the occasion was also blessed with participants with lots of gees and personality.
Seeing as I am one of those people who are slightly adverse to hardcore, grueling manual exercise, I was a tad bit apprehensive about signing up for this 5km walk, but I am very glad to report that the day turned out to be a most pleasant surprise for both my walking partner and me. On arrival we were greeted by fantastic marshals, the walk was well organized and most importantly, we were thoroughly entertained by people we saw along the route- with their crazy costumes and of course the men in their 9inch stiletto heels and sequined, padded bras! The water stops were a hive of activity, and the screaming water volunteers, had us all in stitches. They were cheering everyone on so enthusiastically that even if you were considering not taking the water from them, you ended up doing it anyway just to get in on the fun. I also liked the ‘selfie-pitstops’- What a nice touch!
Besides the fact that the #SisterswithBlisters protest walk is a fantastic occasion to raise awareness against women and children abuse, it also presents a unique opportunity for men, women, children (and our dogs) to come together, walk as one and make our collective voices heard- and that’s more than enough for me.
One of the main things it does well to highlight is also the often hard, but very important work done by the 1st for Women Foundation in the fight for equality and protection for women and children. We know that violence against women and children is a social tragedy that transcends political, religious and economic boundaries- so it is encouraging to know that all the proceeds raised from the walk will be donated to two other organisations that make a practical difference to the lives of those affected by abuse.
This is a worthy cause, and was a truly memorable occasion to have been a part of. Kudos to 1st for Women Foundation and all the other partners, I will definitely be taking part in the walk again next year!
Check this out for more information on the work done by the 1st for Women Foundation

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