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So Far This Year…

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Simplystephanieblog @StephanieKonar

Several of you have checked in on me to see if I was eaten by an alligator. I was not, and appreciate your care and concern.

Truth be told, I am working my full-time job, a few hours on the weekends (which I can’t call a job because I love it), and on my travel writing that posts early February. In my free time, Brian & I are planning our wedding. Honestly, I was starting to feel like perhaps I had bitten off more than I could chew…until I read my Horoscope and found out that this is simply the result of a planetary pileup. Whew.

Gemini Horoscope

That being said, I do not want to upset disciplined Saturn, so I will be slowing down and returning to a regularly scheduled writing pattern.

To answer what most of you have been asking, my 2013 has been off to a busy, but good start. Resolutions are underway. For social media, I have tried to wean myself slowly. I have met a few new people through my weekend work, and look forward still to a possible book club coming soon.

My time resolution has been the most difficult. I started trying to wake up early, and it just was not happening. I decided to try a different approach and began setting the alarm back a little each day, and am now to the point that I have written a few mornings in a row. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels walking into work and already feeling productive for the day.  My nights are spent exercising, and then enjoying some downtime before I go to sleep. I will admit I have felt tired most of the days I do this but have also noticed it is getting easier- just like any other adjustment.

I am most proud of my money resolution. Not only have I NOT gone to Starbucks or Chipotle this year, but I have not spent money at any fast food establishment. Now some of you may be thinking that we are only three weeks into the New Year, but for me that is equivalent to about two decades. Additionally, I’m picking up extra income when possible and watching what I spend at stores and asking if I really need things before I buy them. A lot of times, I have put stuff back…including wine. I know, now you are proud.

In preparation for my reviews of Kissimmee, the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center has offered to host me for a night next weekend and allow me to try one of their spa packages so that I can share the experience with all those interested in visiting Kissimmee. I cannot tell you how incredibly thrilled I am to be able to have such an amazing opportunity! I have lived in Kissimmee for three years now and not had the pleasure to stay there yet. Make sure you check out the tell-all review coming during the week of February 11th over on I.See.Kissimmee!

Other than that, all is well in our lives. Moo recovered quickly from her surgery and is back to her lively self, Brian still loves his dream job he landed and is enjoying the start of a great career and wedding planning kicks into full gear in a month!

Has anyone else had a busy start to the year so far? Who is still sticking to their resolutions?

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