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SomeDay SomeWhere SomeHow

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Sweetblossom @sweetblossom_
I thought you knew I liked youI thought you knew I cared I thought you knew I had to take of all the silly things we sharedI thought you knew how important you were to my heartI thought you of the things I did.Those things I did from very beginningSomeDay SomeWhere SomeHow

I thought you knew you’re the only one, I turn to every time I cryIf you only gave me the time  If you only gave me a chance,I’d show you how much I care,I’d make our love really last I thought you knew, without a doubt.I thought you knew every single emotion I had for you I thought you felt it to,Our love will someday somewhere somehow it will turn out to be true.
SomeDay SomeWhere SomeHow

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