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Sometimes, Bow

Posted on the 28 August 2013 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn

He’s, comfort is what description of touch and feel is to my blinded senses. As He,shields me from the blinding winds. Winds, that want me to take flight and come away from the ground I stand on. Winds, that whisper’s sound like poetry to a lonely heart.

But, It’s whisper’s true voice is a  shrilling and whistling pitch. The pain to my ears pierce my soul. Which becomes worse. As I see, how , I allowed it to  lead me  astray from where I began. Which was rooted, hand in hand with my first real Friend.

A Friend’s whose wisdom came from the beginning and became Words. Words, that became hymns of wisdom. Wisdom that translates for all in one language. A language that shelters me from within. With in that which is unseen during my times woes.

It is for this reason I continue to write, what truly enlightens me.  God and Christ

wisdom quotes 001


I saw this on my Facebook feed. Also, after a really up lifting bible study  and hearing some news. That will have me re- adjusting my life yet again. I thought the combo of the picture and my personal study would make a nice post..

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Blessings in name of Jesus~Leah

Sometimes, Bow

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