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Sometimes Creative Processes Tell You Exactly What to Do. (Thank Goodness!)

Posted on the 07 November 2013 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

It was a puttering sort of day. I made progress on several of my projects and this is the single one I finished. The background is from a painting that is nearly four years old. I actually cut it out and framed it and asked it what it wanted to be.

Aedm 7

I got the words to write on it with a sharpie, so I did, copying from ramblings from the past. When my fine sharpie ran out, I used a bigger tip one (which I didn’t know was a bigger tip) which could have ruined it, but I said no… its fine… and then a couple hours later I found some images I had cut out and put away from a darling children’s vintage book.

These curious children wanted nothing more than to be a part of this simple work of art and words.

What is happening along your adventures in Art Every Day land?

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Aedm2012You may still join Art Every Day Month - Leah Piken Kolidas has been inspiring many of us for years! Check it out -




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