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"Sometimes the Greatest Risk is Taking No Risk at All." Julie Jordan Scott

Posted on the 06 December 2013 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

Riskety risk risk 2There is a part of me that is frustrated with myself, "Can't you process these prompts more quickly like everyone else?"

I can't. I choose at this moment not to, anyway.

I hope that is not a problem for any of you out there reading.

Yesterday I had next to no time at the keyboard and today appears to be similar, schedule wise.

So - about risk -

It intrigues me to realize I keep thinking I have to respond in what I would consider BIG risks. My initial response is a shrug and... I didn't risk anything this year. What a dud of a year! How disappointing I am to myself and others for not taking more risks!

Then it came to me: sometimes it is a risk to NOT take big risks.

Could this be, perhaps, the biggest risk of all? Not taking risks?

I'm chewing on that possibility.

This morning a new friend asked me about auditions as he would like to get involved with local theater. I realized also I am so far out of the theater loop I have no idea how to answer his question.

When I had melanoma I dropped off every sort of announcement list I could find. As a result, I miss out on some grand opportunities but considering I consciously decided to not audition for a while... where is the risk in not paying any attention at all?

Well, I emailed another friend with the question about auditions so I will see whether I "missed out" or not. The me of a couple years ago would have thought it was risky to be out of the loop and to not know.

The more aware me realizes I can get back into the loop very quickly if I choose to return.

It is more of a risk to stay in the either/or place of no theater or all theater or the "NO!" or "ALL OF IT!" in any aspect of life, actually.

Sometimes the biggest risk is taking no risk at all, simply trusting the process and stepping in when the call is heard. It feels risky to not take control. And it felt so good to realize I didn't have to be in control, that everything would be just fine whether or not I was steering the ship.

* * * * *

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