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SoulCycle is Going Public!

Posted on the 31 July 2015 by Daralaine @daralaine

What is SoulCycle? What does going public mean?

Well, I've known about SoulCycle since the heady first days of Perez Hilton when Microsoft Paint cum drawings flowed from Mischa Barton's mouth like gold. As a girl I would read the stories of Charlize Theron SoulCycling by day and Olsen Twins drinking with Danny Masterson at Hyde Lounge by night, and I said to myself, "by God, someday.. someday!..."

Well, actually, I can't remember what exactly I said to myself because I've had a couple of glasses of wine, but I know it was something like "if SoulCycle is good enough for Aviva Drescher, Real Housewife and The Nanny's sister-in-law, then by God it's good enough for me."

So I sold all my belongings (that my parents bought me) and took my car (that I made them give me) and drove all alone (during the times when my mom slept in the passenger's seat after she had driven 8 hours) out to Los Angeles with barely a dollar to my name (and then the several more dollars they had to their names) I came to the city of Angels and finally attended my first SoulCycle class (that my friend paid for).

And SoulCycle was everything every Charlize Theron said it would be. $34 a class will buy you a religious experience! Best workout of muh life! Seriously, I was very close to joining this v. v. productive cult... if I could afford it... and I couldn't! But at least I kind of GOT what all those Charles Manson peeps were getting at. Like, cults are cool, I am IN!

Here's me after my friend Becca's "birthday ride" which is a thing. I'm so happy! And none of these people agreed to appear on my blog!
SoulCycle is Going Public! Anyway, what does all of that have to do with SoulCycle going public?

I dunno! I only know about a business "going public" because of the show Empire which is my favorite show because it's Nashville with hip-hop, but without Connie Britton, but also better. So if going public means the same thing for SoulCycle as it does for Empire it means that there's um.... there's shareholder meetings...and... underwriters.... and no one can get Lou Gehrig's disease or the deal is null and void?

IDK!!! COOKIE????!!!!!!

So sorry, I do not actually know what this means for SoulCycle... hope you enjoyed my blog and here's an article about SoulCycle going public.

I-P-O! I-P-O!!!!

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