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Stacy Francis and R&B Divas: LA

Posted on the 24 April 2015 by Sonica Jackson @sonicajackson
Stacy Francis
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After watching this last season of R&B Divas:LA and seeing Stacy Francis premier on the show, all I can say is “Damn, Damn, Damnnn!” in my Florida Evans’ voice. The reunion show just aired on Wednesday and it gave me such a headache. For those of you that don’t know about R&B Divas:LA, it’s a reality show based in Los Angeles and the cast includes six music artists; Chante’ Moore, Michel’le, Lil’ Mo, Leela James, Brave, and Stacy Francis. Brave and Stacy Francis are the newcomers on the show, taking the place of music artists Claudette Ortiz and Chrisette Michele, whom both left the show to pursue other ventures.

On this show, you get to see how these music artists live their lives, how they interact with one another and of course, you get to hear them sing and develop new material.  So here I was, rooting for Ms. Stacy Francis and all she did was become a major disappointment. Stacy, if your objective was to come on this show and be this malicious and rude individual, I must say that you did a fine job. This is why you have become a major disappointment to me. When the very first season of R&B Divas: LA premiered a few seasons ago, I didn’t think anyone could be as horribly mean as songstress, Kelly Price. But honey, you have made Kelly Price looked like Jesus.

Stacy, when I heard you sing the ultimate hell out of the song Natural Woman on the XFactor , I immediately wanted you to win in everything that you touch. There is no denying that your voice is out of this world. So of course, I wanted you to reach that mainstream success that most music artists want. With that being said, I was glad at first that you were added to the show for R&B Divas: LA. I figured that this would be a perfect way to showcase not only your singing talent but ALL of your talents. However, it seems to me that I got a lil’ bit more than what I bargained for.

I get that every show has to have some crazy drama in order for it to be a hit. Okay, I get that. Drama does draw attention and that’s just how it is. We, the audience, love it. However, you are starting to cause segregation in the group that I didn’t see before on the previous season. Before you were added to the show, there was drama and foolishness going on amongst the group but at the end of the day, they’d work it out and keep it moving. But now that you have joined the cast, the show has turned into the “mean girls vs. nice girls”.

You now have Lil’ Mo throwing shade at Chante’ Moore whenever the mood hits her and you now have Leela James putting her finger in Chante’s face and wanting to physically fight the girl. Now of course, Lil’ Mo and Leela James have always seemed just a tad bit ghetto to me but I still liked them a lot because their ghetto ways was just a part of their charm. But Stacy, I do believe that your influence on the show (and the fact that you’re a bully) has truly turned these women against Chante’ in a way that might’ve severed any chance of reconciliation.

But anyway, Let me first talk about your encounter with Michel’le and then I’ll get back to Chante’ Moore:

Honestly, I don’t know how your mind is set up and frankly, I don’t give a damn. But what I do know is that the issue between Lil’ Mo and Michel’le had absolutely NOTHING to do with you. For you to have verbally attack Michel’le (at her own damn birthday party) in regards to her friendship with Lil’ Mo was completely out of line and you needed a reality check on that one. I understand that you and Lil’ Mo are friends but if memory serves me correctly, Lil’ Mo is a grown woman with her own mind and her own loud mouth. Surely, she can resolve her issues with Michel’le ON HER OWN without you coming around, escalating the situation into something worse. It was very obvious that you were a complete stranger to Michel’le and so getting in her face about something that was clearly none of your business, was not cool on any level. Had it been anyone else that you did that to, you might’ve gotten embarrassed.

And now, back to this thing with you and Chante’ Moore:

I don’t doubt for one minute that Chante’ has issues. I’m sure that she does, considering that we ALL do. But regardless of whatever her issue(s) may be, it does not render you the right to poke your nose into her business in regards to her ex-husband, Kenny Lattimore. I would think you’d know what it felt like for someone to expose you, considering that you shed crocodile tears on one episode when you found out that someone went to the tabloids are aired out your dirty laundry. So why would you try to do that to someone else? If you are friends with Kenny Lattimore, that’s fine. No one cares. If he wants to confide in you about what went on in his marriage with Chante’, that’s fine too. But what’s NOT fine on any level, is that you felt the need to disrespect her in regards to her marital issues with Kenny Lattimore.  Let me help you understand something: If you were not the one that married Chante’, lived with her, f*cked her, and slept in the same bed with her, then you really don’t know what went wrong in their marriage…and it’s nobody’s business. You are in the dark about it, along with the rest of us. Chante Moore has kept her silence in regards to her failed marriage with Kenny Lattimore and honestly, I respect the fact that she didn’t humiliate him in the media like she could’ve done. And to add insult to injury, you had the audacity to confront her right before she was scheduled to perform! How tasteless is that! You had me thinking to myself, ‘Is Kenny Lattimore Stacy’s friend…or is that her MAN?’ Hmmm. Anyway, stop sticking your nose into other people’s affairs when it doesn’t concern you.

It’s quite clear to me that you have absolutely no respect for Chante’ Moore and you almost didn’t have any respect for Michel’le either. But for whatever reason, Chante’ Moore really boils your blood. Well, you might wanna check your attitude at the door and realize that although you may think that you can sing better than Chante’ (like you have declared in one episode), Chante’ is still one of the artists that has had major success in the music business…and you haven’t. Oh sure, you may have performed on some Broadway shows and cruises but I don’t recall you ever having a hit on the radio. Chante’ had several hits. Michel’le had several hits. As a matter of fact, radio stations still play their hits from time to time. You have admitted that your solo career was something that just never worked out for you. Well, if it wasn’t for the XFactor, most people still wouldn’t know who you are. So before you come after people, you need to realize that these are the SAME people that has had the success that you are trying your best to achieve. Show them some respect and humble yourself.

(SN: Although I had to get on your case in my blog, I still want you to take the music world by storm. I really do want you to be successful. But at the same, recognize your wrongs and the people that you have wronged. That’s all).


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Speaking of Ms. Chante’ Moore, this song brings back memories. :)

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By Patricia Marie Bennett Jackson
posted on 06 May at 04:08

I LOVE and AGREE with every thing you said....WHY IS STACY EVEN ON THE SHOW? AND NOW LEELA AND LIL MO think that they can attack Chante every chance they get...I say GET RID OF ALL 3 OF THEM disrespectful wanna be divas!

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