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Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter- Voetsek.

Posted on the 04 September 2015 by Sallygatez @salaminaM
summer bodies are made in winter- voetsek.
Hi my name is Salamina Mosese and I am a procrastinator. So naturally, all of winter I have been sitting on my laurels, being over-indulgent and enjoying one too many Double cream Cappuccinos and never holding back on a second helping of my favorite stew and dumpling. All the time thinking  that perhaps my body just needs to adjust to the cold conditions and then very soon I would be able to hit the gym before work every morning. Well, let's just say that, that never quite happened. Quite honestly, I just never got the hang of the gym thing in Winter. First my body says NO, and soon after the mind follows suit. 
So you can imagine my shock when just a mere three weeks ago, I came across this very depressing statement above. " Summer bodies are made in Winter". (Yes i'd never heard it before)
Of course I should have known that. It makes perfect sense. Perfect, depressing, discouraging sense. So now, in the first week of September, feeling the extra snugness of my jeans, the lethargy and that now familiar, yet quite uncomfortable heat that one feels when one's thighs are chaffing each other just a little more than usual, I launched my own project 'Hlasela the winter extras' and it started with a vigorous 20 lap swim at the gym on Monday night. Phela time is not on my side. And herein lies the problem, dear friends. 
As I type this I am sitting with two pulled muscles in my upper thigh region. A region that may as well be renamed in medical dictionaries as ; " The-most-uncomfortable-place-to-get-a-massage-especially-from-the-physio-you-just-met". My over-enthusiasm to make up for a whole winter of no excercise had me in the pool at gym like a tadpole to freedom. Warm up for what? Take it easy for who? I went in hard, I went in fast.The result? A week of pill popping, limping and having to endure uncomfortable, goose-bump-inducing Pysiotherapy sessions zeroed in on my pelvis. 
In short, I will make my summer body in Spring and hope to see results by November- failing which I will know enough to decide whether to rather skip the beach holiday in December and go instead to the UK, where I can avoid all mention of this sought-after summer body that I should have started sculpting in winter already. *As @EntleD would say out loud- *sigh* 
(Apologies for the cartoon, I couldn't find a brown girl like me...tltltltl)
summer bodies are made in winter- voetsek.

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