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Posted on the 07 August 2014 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
A while back now I discovered this amazing product that only seems to be found in a magical place called Savers ( a shop in the UK). It's literally super. At £1.50 for a cleanser and around 75p for a pack of cleansing wipes you'd be wrong to think low pricing means rubbish. For someone who tends to have oily skin and breaks out these wipes and cleanser are literally amazing. I just had to share it with all you lovelies. Yet, I do argue my cause for Bioderma too!
Wipes. (3/5)
The wipes have the standard tea tree smell to them (at least this is what I think the smell is being a t-zone collection) \and I often use the Shine Control ones. But I've recently tried the exfoliating ones which have bumps in them to exfoliate (duh). However; it's hard to decide between the two as both considerably remove the dirt, both leave my face feeling fresh and awake. I'm not 100% if there is a difference in price but I love both these wipes considerably. Better yet, they seem to tame my skin of red blotches and of nasty spots. The only downside to these is that they dry up super fast, and I much prefer using a cleanser than a wipe. However, if I am in a hurry I will quickly swoosh my face with a wipe to freshen it up.
Cleanser. (4/5)
The t-zone cleanser for such a small bottle goes a long way. It is formed as a fluid substance rather than as a "milk". Like the wipes it is the same tea tree scent and still the same fresh feeling. But, what I like about this is that the smell isn't overbearing as you may think.  For such a cheap price as well it does its job! If you're looking for a cheaper alternative I would suggest these products! However, I would argue that it doesn't go skin deep, it only cleans the very first layer of skin as much as I like this product as a substitute. I really only use it when I'm breaking out or alternate it when I don't want to use the hefty priced bioderma. Yet at £1.50 you can't argue.
Finally, I use a moisturizer to finish my skin routine before I apply any makeup. I also use a different face wash in the shower which you can find in my 'What's in My Shower' blog post!
Lots of love,

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