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Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Missliabilities
I've been working on a ton of 1040s (individuals tax returns, not businesses) and I'm slowly growing to like them. It helps a lot when the person is organized or at least knows what to send me. I've gotten things like sewer bills, gym memberships, receipts with no indication of what was purchased. It's educational for if M or I ever start our own business and want to keep good records. It's the 21st century but most people still don't use scanners!
My rich clients can be interesting, especially their children. One of my favorites' son calls me from time to time to organize his dad's records while he's on business trips. He lives in an enormous loft in NYC and doesn't have a job even though he's in his late twenties but he is the most down to earth person I've ever spoken with.
Another's daughter bitched me out via email two weeks after I started at my new firm. This was understandable since someone had screwed up her taxes badly and just left without telling the client, but I don't make it a habit to chew out people who have no connection to me! I doubt she'll be back next year.
I'd love to get more into the types of clients I work on, but some of them have been shady in the past with their record keeping (we cleaned it up) and I don't want to get in trouble if my firm stumbles on my blog.
Time for a 13 hour day!

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