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Posted on the 04 January 2022 by Sani09 @sani09

 "I took an access bars session with Sanhita with much skepticism in mind but I was ready to try anything which can help with the excess amount of stress I was going through. I went with no expectations really but was wonderfully surprised by the experience. It was so intensely relaxing that I actually fell asleep during the session. When I woke up, my mind was blank bit in a nice way. All the stressful thoughts that constantly went on in the back of my mind, were just gone. It was spooky to be honest. Haha. But in a nice way. 100% recommended for anyone and everyone who needs to de-stress and relax. Trust me, it works! Much much much love for Sanhita. 💕 You are amazing!"

- Mahalaxmi Das on Access Bars Session

"I have always been intrigued by the limits and possibilities of alternative healing. So I dipped my toe into tarot and got a reading done by Sanhita as I was feeling quite confused and second guessing myself lately when making decisions. It was a positive experience. She was able to recognize my fears and spoke to me without judgment. I am big on trust and felt comfortable letting her know of the issues I was going through. She also suggested I get my Access Bars run because I had some negative energy from my own thoughts and assumptions that were bringing me down. I thought why not give it a go. At this point, I felt even talking about these might give me some perspective and was willing to work to make things better for myself. The session itself was surprisingly soothing for me. I immediately felt a huge burden lifted off of me. The experience for me was similar to when you feel calm after a couple of minutes of meditation, only this lasted longer. A change that I noticed a day after the session was that I got back my optimism and the ability to accept things as they are. That has been quite refreshing as my anxious thoughts were affecting my sleep as well. Since the session, I have been able to distance myself from my thoughts and look at them from an unbiased perspective. That feels empowering and I am truly grateful!"

- Upasha Sharma on Access Bars Session

"Thanks so much, Sanhita, for clearing all my doubts with so much patience. You were able to pick on things even before I told you and I was super in awe of the same. You gave me some precious points that will help me with the outcomes you've given me and I hope to follow the same. Thanks for the good reading!"

- Aditi Kashyap on Tarot Counseling Session

"During our last session, I was not really sure to believe you when you said that recognition is on my way by December. Guess what? Was surprised to get my third increment of the year. That's not the best part. The recognition is from the CEO himself! Grateful!"

- Mriganka Nath on Tarot Counseling Session

"I wanted to put it on record when I say that that session was quite a guide. I am glad I took some really good decisions based on it and I am in a much clear mndset 4 months down the line. Thank you."

- Anonymous on Tarot Counseling Session

"Hey! Thanks a million for the session. I slept like a baby right after and I feel so much lighter. Thank you so much."

- Harshita Srivastava on Online Energy Clearing Session

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