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The Bees Knees...

Posted on the 31 March 2011 by Saratpierce
... if bees were hard core dancing queens.
If you don't already know, I'm a dancer.
I've been dancing for about 18 years and I absolutely love it. Hence why I had this bad boy added to my back last month.
If there's one thing that has always been constant in my years of dance, it's the ability for me to completely obliterate my knees.
Here's what they looked like this morning at about 7:00 am.
The bees knees...This is a moderate level of obliteration. More than likely by the time these bruises heal, there will be a fresh batch of new bruises ready to take center stage.
While I'm quite aware that a bruise is a bruise and unless you have one in the shape of a state or the size of the titanic, they really aren't that impressive. However, it never fails that anyone who gets a bruise thinks it's the most shocking thing in the world. You get a bruise and you want to show it off, tell epic tales of how it found it's way to your body and have crowds of friends gather to bask in it's hideousness.
The truth of the matter is, when you go to show your bruises off you'll generally hear something like, "Did you fall?", "Does it hurt", or my personal favorite reaction of when people don't even respond they just POKE your bruise.
I say all this to tell you that I'm well aware my bruise sharing this morning is of little interest to any most of you.  And yet, you are still reading this post probably asking yourself, "How does this improve my life?"
If sharing my normal-looking bruises is far too boring for your Thursday morning, perhaps you should view them like this:
The bees knees...Yes, I'm 4 years old.
In other news... and speaking of dance... here's a glimpse into some of the shenanigans that go on with Sideways Contemporary Dance Company!

Until next time...
Yeah, this post was basically a chance to ramble. 

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