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The Fence Around Agara Lake [#WednesdayFiction]

Posted on the 21 July 2015 by Sreesha @petrichor_blore
A silvery fog had settled over the lake and the formidable trees that surrounded it. In the depths of the darkness, Akshay knew about the fence beyond the trees. He tried to recollect why the fence knocked his subconscious like an error. The fence was wrong – the fence should not be there. But why?

As he stood there stupefied, trying to make sense of where he was and what he knew about the place, he felt a tap on his right shoulder. He turned around. He found himself face to face with –

“No!” he gasped, “It cannot be! You’re –“

“Dead?” she sneered, “I know.”

Akshay gaped at the apparition before him – the body of a skinny girl, jet black hair falling in waves till her waist, a blank face. There were outlines – markings – of where her eyes, the nose, the mouth had been. But none of it was on the face anymore, except for the hollow from which the voice came. The bare arms and legs were full of cuts from which slime oozed, and the tissue-like skin peeled and fell off in bits. But gradually, her features changed. The form that stood in front of him was no longer that of a girl. But –

His eyes widened in fear, and the night and the silence surrounding the lake were ripped apart by his agonizing screams.
When Akshay woke up, he was still screaming. His mouth was open, jaw strained, and throat taut, but no sound came out. Awareness of being away from the dark lake and its spectral being washed over him; he was back in his bedroom. His eyes flew open. The fan was rotating noisily. He blinked rapidly, trying to erase the bleak image. But he saw it in the corner of his room, jeering at him. He tried to get up; his body failed to respond. He was strapped to his bed by invisible chains, struggling to breathe as the diabolical creature stared.
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