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The Fifty Yardline & Sock Puppets

Posted on the 24 January 2013 by Shewritesalittle @SheWritesALittle


With tonight, we come to the halfway marker of “The Children’s Hour”…with high hopes to, (for heartfelt reasons) totally sell out tonight’s house.

…Because it is Actor’s Benefit Night.

…And we are poor. 

Did you know?

Meanwhile: A couple of line runs this week to keep it fresh has kept me in contact with the material. And missing it.  Along with Marty, we have become straight-up ridiculous whiners about NOT doing the show on the few nights off we have a week.

…She’s one-upped me though. 

I won’t say alcohol didn’t ALSO have something to do with it..but boredom and sentiment are very powerful forces to be reckoned with.  Don’t believe me? Here is what I woke up to on my phone: (Karen as a Sock puppet)

…She looks like she’s inebriated, with one of her creator’s notorious trademark Kool-Aid smiles. Which is entirely possible, as everyone knows: Karen’s had a hard time of it. It actually makes me shutter to think of what the Martha Sock Puppet would look like.

Prob’ly something like this:


…It is true: we are not winning points for attractiveness in this one. There is a lot of freedom that comes with it though…if you ain’t too proud to let it.

Actors do lots of things in front of hundreds of people that they would NEVER do in their real lives. Which is weird, but true. And playing a role without giving a shit HOW disgusting it looks to do the things you need to do, is one of ‘em.

…Which even makes US laugh…

…When (for instance), the Production Manager sits in on one of the earlier rehearsals, then pulls us aside afterwards and says:

“Um….I don’t really know how much help it would be…but would you like handkerchiefs from Props Department?”

Us: “No. No…I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue, thanks.”

She: “But its so…everywhere…”

Us: “Yep. And everyone’s gonna have to just deal with it.”

…Because that is the point.

It is a smattering of ugly moments, raw moments, REAL moments…and how often, while YOUR life is coming completely unglued and you are in the absolute depths of despair, do you stop for or even think of something to clean it all up with?


…That’s the answer.

It’s just bad-times.


…But we are having GOOD times making them on stage.

…So if you’re in the area, you should totally join us tonight.

…And help pay for our drinks, after.

It’s all in the ticket price, friends!

And that’s a good cause!!!


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