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The Final Countdown...

Posted on the 09 June 2012 by Lizb12 @elizabethbrinks
The final countdown...
ok, The countdown to my departure is set, as of right now  i have 1 day 23 hours 57 minutes and some thin- odd seconds to when we all meet up at church and head down to Illinois, then we'll fly to Miami, then to Tegucigalpa i'm excited :D it's a a little nerve wracking, and i'm afraid for our team members, things don't always click into place, and there are some communication issues-people get tired, and some people seem to not want to help, but as i reminded both myself and my dad, "Gd put these people on this team, we're going to find out why." but the thing is, we may never know-but for some reason we have a large variety of ages, people, genders and church members-which make sit all the more enticing
The final countdown...
so-this will probably be my final update-i will write/miss you all SO much!! hope fully i can do some updating on the trip's blog-be sure to follow them! under, "Blogs i follow" see you later! asta luego! LizB

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